Friday, April 15, 2011


Lets just talk about how productive I've been today... Well not so much.  Woke up late, went to a review! yay me.  Went to the lib (although I wasn't completely focused), went outside with Karalyn and Paul and watched people and talked about life.  Then I had to go eat food so I could be productive studying.  We got JDawgs, I went home and ended up taking a nap and now here I am about to get really productive.  But where else other then the Family History dept in the library could be so productive?  I love it here.  And I finally have a table to myself.  I hate the crowded library during finals.  Good luck with finals!

Disco skating from our ward activity the other night.  What a fun night!
p.s. check out this awesome music video... Sorry for the bad pixelation

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