Sunday, April 3, 2011

la vida es buena

So I've been slacking again...with blogging that is.  Life has been really good to me lately.  And when I try to think about what it is specifically, I cant really place my finger on it, but I've just been really happy lately.  Maybe its been the good weather?  I just feel like I've been more in control of my life lately, which I absolutely love.

Countdown till I'm done with school for 18+ months: 8 days of classes and 5 finals.  The end is near!!!  (maybe thats whats making me so happy?)

Karalyn, JaNae, and I went out to dinner last night while the boys were at priesthood - here are a couple pics from the night.  We had a great time eating at Olive Garden and enjoyed their delicious Raspberry Lemonade!!

p.s. Have a mentioned I'm running a half marathon on June 4th?!  Anyone that wants to join let me know!  I'm starting to train, so if you have any good workout schedules, I'd love to hear them!


  1. love how long your hair is getting!

  2. what half marathon are you running??! thats awesome!