Friday, March 25, 2011


Meet Annie.  She is a happy, beautiful, talented, amazing person.  I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like Annie.  She is my roommate and I am probably one of the luckiest people to have her in my life.  No joke.  This girl has done more for me in the three years we have known each other than I think she realizes.  She is my best friend.  I love her to death.  I know I can tell Annie anything and everything (which I probably do too much) and I hope she feels the same way with me.  The funny thing is we are actually quite different.  Its weird when I think about how different we are sometimes, but at the same time we somehow just get each other.

I will never forget the first time I met Annie... I was in my dorm in 1222 Chipman Hall my Freshman year, unpacking with my mom and sisters and this cheerful, upbeat girl comes bounding into my room.  "Hi, I'm Annie!  I live two doors down...."  Ever since then we have done so much together, been through so many fun times together, suffered through lots of hard times together, and have stayed great friends through all of it.  I know whenever I'm with Annie I will have a good time.  She always makes me feel like she really cares about my life.

Freshman Year ^
 Sophomore Year ^

And this year...

I think the thing that really scares me, and actually really depresses me is thinking of leaving Utah and coming back in a year and a half without this girl.  I cant imagine BYU without her and I hope I can survive without her caring, amazing self.  For reals though.  Annie has made me a better person.  I know we will stay friends forever.  (At least we better!) 

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