Thursday, November 18, 2010

good week.

I've decided Thursday nights are my blogging nights.  I never get around to it during the week.  Anyways, its been a really good week (for the most part).  Its the little things that make it though.  It hit me when I got to talk to a good friend on the phone today for just a few minutes.  It made my day.  Some of the other little, but wonderful things this week.

-finishing a beast of a computer project, 5 down 1 more to go!!
-finishing a 6 page paper 10 minutes before class started (I dont know why I do that to myself)
-staying up way too late talking to one of my best friends about life (when I should have been writing said paper)
-calling home and having my little sister say "guess what?!" about a million times.  She gets so excited about the little things and it makes me happy to hear her.  
-hearing the countdown my sisters have for me to come home.  Only 27 more days till I get back to the 20878.  I'm sooo excited!!
-catching up on life with a few good friends that I havent talked to in a while
-seeing girls from my freshman hall and remembering how much I miss freshman year and the amazing people I'll be friends with for life
-getting a letter from a good friend on his mission, loving the advice he gives and loving seeing how mature he's getting
-not being able to control my laughter multiple times at our Olympics ward activity
-coming home everyday to awesome roommates who always have exciting things to tell me or put up with listening to the exciting things in my life
-getting to see friends/roommates from last year that I dont get to see enough!
-checking the time on our kitchen clock that keeps getting slower and slower, and realizing that I need to slow my life down 
-going to the gym everyday (just kidding.. like that happened...maybe next week?)
-getting my eyebrows plucked by roommate who thinks its therapeutic and enjoys doing it for us :)
-venting to my mom way too often and her never getting annoyed with hearing about my life
-going to work everyday at a job I absolutely LOVE
-playing piano duets with my roommates
-watching hilarious videos at the library and trying not to bust out laughing, but failing. haha
-killing a bug (bravely, I might add) that was on Karalyn and Lauren's ceiling a few minutes ago
-listening to my new weird favorite song of the week on repeat about a million times (my roommates make fun of me thinking it sounds like an EFY song.. I dont think so.  At DanceSport the cabaret dancers danced to this song and it was incredible)  Anyways, I love this song.

and now for a few pics from life the past few weeks before this marathon of a post gets any longer...

my first pho "fuh" experience.  not that yummy...
 me and Jess with our torches
 making our own hot air balloons!
 my awesome roommates who both placed in Dance Sport!

 some of my favorite people :)
 Chipman 1200 Reunion!
 ward Olympic/80's/Elders Quorum Appreciation night

Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 days to thankful.

So I was doing my routine blog-perusing tonight and came upon a "30 days to thankful".  I'm a little late starting, but I figured that I might as well try to doing it.
Today, I am thankful for the people in my life.  Most specifically my parents, sisters, roommates, and friends.  But for serious, I am so lucky for all the people in my life who are willing to put up talking with me, listening to my problems, giving me advice, just being there to talk to.  They are all such incredible people and awesome examples to me.