Monday, August 9, 2010

I hate change.

So of course after weeks and weeks of waiting for all my best friends and family to get to Provo, I dont know why, but I'm not ready for the change.  (Ok I kinda REALLY am)  But, for some reason, once I get into the swing of things, and finally after 4 months, I'm not ready for change again.  I've never liked change all that much, and in fact I really actually hate it.  I know its a strong word, but I really dont do well with change.  

When I was 8 years old and moved out of my childhood home, I remember never wanting to leave.  The day we were moving out, I wanted to try to step in EVERY single spot in our little Cheverly home before the moving van left.  I started in a corner in the Dining Room and only got about 3 feet across when my parents told me we were leaving.  I was heart broken. 

I'm also a HUGE reminiscer, is that even a word?  When my sister Em and I get together we're even worse (and I'm realizing with Lauren it happens too...oh freshman year and our freshman boys).  Sometimes Em will count how many days its been since a certain event or fun place we've been.  I remember last summer after the Jonas Brother's concert, every week or month after it she'd remind me "a month ago we were getting on the metro to go to the concert!" haha.  

Basically I'm down to my last 4 days of work.  I get to see my absolute favorite people in the world on Saturday and my best friends start trickling back to Provo after that, oh yeah and school starts way too soon.  So I really couldnt be happier!  But theres a still a little part of me that hates change.  

p.s. I got to go down (not up...) to Vegas with Lauren and meet up with some of our girls for Janae's wedding this past weekend.  It was an absolute blast!  Seeing Janae and her husband now (weird!) so happy and so in love made me so happy!  I couldnt get over how adorable they were together!