Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lauren and Alicia's 22 days of summer

So one of my best friends, Lauren, and I were driving up (oh wait, down..) to Vegas to visit our awesome roommate Karalyn to get away from Provo last weekend.  One our way, we decided we would make a bucket list for the remaining 20 or so days left of our summer.  We've both been pretty busy with work and other random things this summer, and this is the first real time we've had to spend a lot of time together and we decided we'd try to make the best of it! (even though a lot of our awesome friends arent down in Provo till the end of August :()  Anyways, we made a list and have been working away at it daily. Heres the list!  And of course some documentation of actually completing some of the things on our list!

-Go to Lagoon

-Dye T-shirts

-Make someone an awesome birthday present
-Put flowers on a random persons doorstep
-Take pictures around Provo and BYU to send to our good friends on missions
-Hike Brideveil/Stewart falls
-Make blankets
-Start working on decorations for our apartment in the fall...maybe if we start early we'll actually have decorations...
-Go to vegas (twice)

-pink/purple hair streaks
-jump in 4 different bodies of water in one day (here's where Emilee's ideas start)
-Stop Voldemort

-Eat only summer fruits one day
-Marathon (not the running type, the movie type)
-Do a puzzle
-Go the dollar theater w/blankets and chinese food
-watch a movie on top of a parking garage
-go to a baseball game
-super soaker war
-go to the zoo
-read a biography
-get a fish (not catch one, buy one)
-go to a play
-make a treasure hunt
-time capsule
-build a fort
-ask our landlords about painting our apartment
-get a massage
-make chocolate suckers

-buy nightgowns/tie dye them!
-go rollerskating
-go to the Temple (Timp, Draper, Oqquirh)
-learn obscure facts
-start our Europe fund
-rent bikes

We still have a ways to go in the next two weeks!  But we've made a good start!  If you have any other sweet ideas, let us know and we'll do them!