Sunday, May 23, 2010

The 830 and the 850.

This is the bus I ride every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to work.  (which will soon become everyday once I finally get done with Spring classes...).  Did I mention I love riding the bus?  Well thats probably because I really dont.  I have tried to make the best of it despite the crazy adventures I have already had using this public transportation.  

The first day I ever rode the bus to work, I got on thinking I could purchase a transfer on the bus.  Apparently you CANT.  Luckily, the nice bus rider knew it must've been my first day riding the bus, (he ended up asking me this question later...was it really that obvious?) so he told me I could get on and gave me a transfer for free.  I got on the bus and nervously waited to figure out where I would have to get off to catch my transfer bus.  I somehow figured out which stop I needed to get off on and waited for my next bus.  It finally came and I somehow made it to work on time!  Later that day, I made it home in one piece too!  I was on a roll.  I even bought a convenient student pass and now I ride the bus multiple times a week like a pro.  I can listen to my iPod, read, and talk to my mom on the phone without missing a stop.  

The other day I was going to catch the bus home from work after I had gone to the gym.  It was starting to look a little overcast.  I was hoping and praying that the rain would at least hold out till I got home!  Did it? Of course not.  I got off the first bus, waiting for my transfer on University Ave and I mustve looked a sad sight.  I hadnt brought my umbrella that day (luckily I did have a hood), but here I am waiting on University Ave, sopping wet.  Of course today of all days, the bus gets there the latest it ever has.  It honestly didnt really bug me though.  Some of those days, you just like getting wet (at least I do).  Thank goodness it was one of those days.  When I finally got off the bus, I stepped into a big puddle and just smiled.  

One of these days I'll get myself a car...


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So its been a pretty crazy weekend to say the least. I flew all the way home to Maryland without anyone in my family knowing! They were pretty surprised when I showed up on our porch...well had they not found out 15 minutes before I got home! (more on that later)

A few months ago I find out that my ward back home is putting on their own rendition of the play, The Savior of the World. Most of my family tried out for a part or just decided to be in the chorus. My dad ended up getting one of the main parts! He got the part of Cleopus. Before I go on, you have to understand that my dad LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to set goals. And one of his life goals has recently been to sing a solo on stage. The part of Cleopus, it turns out has a duet/solo that he sings. After I heard this, I knew I needed to get home for that play, no matter what it took. So I schemed and plotted. I decided I would make it a surprise for my family. I called up my good friend Daniel, and asked if he would be my accomplice in this great plan. He agreed and we were both excited to execute our plan flawlessly. I called up my grandparents to see if they could help me buy my ticket (I had the money, but my dad being the accountant that he is, wouldn't just pass over a $300 bill on my account without questioning what it was for). Everything was set.

The weeks went by and I kept getting more and more excited! I also found out that that same weekend happened to be Mothers Day! Even more perfect. Every time I would talk to my family on the phone I would have to be careful not to spoil the surprise. It was quite difficult for me (when I get excited about something, I have a very hard time hiding it!).

The day finally arrived to fly out to Maryland! I got up early, went to the airport. I got to Maryland safely and Daniel came and picked me up at the airport. My mom called on our way home. I didn't pick up. I knew I wouldnt be able to lie to her without giving something away. Then Em called. Didnt answer again. Then she texted me. I responded telling her I was in class (where I was supposed to be at this time). She responds by telling me "...sure...I have a feeling none of those things are true...I don't wanna ruin your suprise but if its true its already out. We know". I almost DIED. I was so mad, I was 5 minutes away from my house. How did they find out? Who told them?? So after freaking out to Daniel, trying to figure out what to do, I call Em back, and tell her I'm almost home.

I get home and everyone except my dad was home and were actually excited to see me (thank goodness...on the plane I had my doubts that none of them would be excited to see me when I actually got there!). Come to find out, my mom had been talking to my grandma that afternoon, trying to figure out my plane ticket for when I go to visit in June again, and my grandma told my mom she should ask me before buying the ticket. My mom mentioned she had tried to get a hold of me a few times that day but wasn't able to. My grandma told her she had seen me that morning (they had driven me to the airport). My mom then of course pushed her for more, asking where I was and if I was ok. My grandma tried to change the subject but eventually told my mom she was sworn to secrecy. So I guess my mom figured out after that... Bummer. I just wished I could have seen their expressions as I walked in the door. It was almost perfect!

The weekend was amazing. I went to the dress rehearsal that night with my family and cried like a baby during my dad's duet. I got to see the play three other times that weekend and it was amazing. It was great being able to go home and spend time with my family. It went too quick though. Now here I am, back in Provo, procrastinating homework and contemplating going to sleep RIGHT now.

Monday, May 3, 2010


So I guess I've been pretty horrible about updating lately..A lot has happened since I last wrote.. Lets see.
-Two weeks ago moved out of liberty square.. Never thought I'd be so sad to leave!

-Moved into my new place at Condo Row.. Its been a tough adjustment, but I'm growing to already like my ward a lot (I even planned a dessert night last night and invited the whole ward to our apartment! I'm really trying this year!)

-Spent the weekend in Riverton with Ben and his family (before he left for Texas to do summer sales :().  Complete with going to my Grandpa's ToastMaster's competition, playing outside with Mel and her friends (including the infamous game of Freeze...I didnt cry despite what Ben says), movies, MK and talking till way too late, and church with the family.  It was a fun weekend, but I wasnt ready to face reality when Sunday night hit..

-Started work at Novell!  I'm working as a "Software Automation Intern", nerdy I know, but I do have my own office which I am pretty siked about (complete with office key..haha)!  I also am the master bus rider.  I dont exactly like taking the bus, but it has been an adventure, and I LOVE being independent and not having to rely on anyone to take me anywhere.
-Started Spring classes, including Mission Prep with the famous Professor Bott, a comp class, and jogging! (one of my attempts to keep me active this summer..).
-Met my new ward (without my security blankets, aka Annie and Lauren, to keep me safe), and I've been doing surprisingly well.  Even though I miss them (and Karalyn) a ton!  Luckily I still get to see Lauren when she isnt too busy with her 56 hour work weeks...
-Setting tons of goals.  I'm super addicted to trying to improve myself and setting goals in general (it comes from my Dad..).  So since I've had the most free time I have had in a while, the other night I wrote down my LONG list of things I want to get done this summer!  Lets hope I can do it!  

Pictures are on the computer is currently DEAD.  So hopefully it'll be back up soon!