Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love you Jay.

Jay is like my second dad.  I have known him since before I can remember.  My parents passed me back and forth over the fence on Hawthorne Street to his and Judy's house since before I could walk.  I will miss him more than even I know.
I miss Jay's delicious peanut butter brownies, and his amazing homemade garlic bread, and his delicious bbq deer.
I miss Jay joking about pulling my teeth out with pliers when I had a loose tooth (I eventually stopped telling him when I had loose teeth so he wouldnt even mention those dreaded pliers)
I miss watching Mr. Bean (and cracking up) with Jay.
I miss all the funny (and sometimes ridiculous) stories Jay always had.
I miss hearing about Jay's coupon trips to many different grocery stores and getting paid to buy BlueBell Ice Cream because he knew how to rig the system.
I miss going to the beach with Jay and getting pulled around in the BIG red wagon Jay drove all the way to Pennsylvania to pick up for "the girls".
I miss Jay being too scared to hold my sisters and me when we were babies for fear that we would surely spit up, poop, or pee on him at the exact moment he decided to hold us, but yet he always ended up giving in and holding us anyways.
I miss Jay pulling out his pocket knife to open up our many packages of Barbies whenever Judy would buy them for us.
I miss going on walks with Jay to walk Molly and Jamie (and Em always being willing to pick up the poop).
I miss Jay making fun of the days when I would drink out of the dog water bowl right there with Molly and Jamie.
I miss Jay teasing me, telling me to put rocks in my pockets so I would weigh enough (40 pounds) to get out of my car seat and use just a seat belt.  
I miss being in the basement with Jay, watching shows with him and always checking the little TV guide book to see what was going to be on next (and supposedly pacing around trying to take his chips..)
Jay, I love you and will miss you so much.