Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hare Krishna!

So this weekend has been super busy! So that means basically normal right?  What would life be if it wasn't busy?  I've come to realize I love being busy because it means getting things done and being productive (for the most part..haha).  
Friday I had to work on a big research paper most of the night and knocked out a bunch of it, which was super exciting.  Later that night Annie, Lauren, and I went to Landen and Cory's surprise birthday party.  Saturday morning, I met with my CS group to work on the last phase of our big project!  Its been fun working with them this semester.  Theyre awesome guys and somehow put up with me... I dont know what I'll do without Kevin's regular (and ridiculous) puns that always make me die of laughter, Derrick's obsession with getting ice cream from the vending machines (and perfecting our javadocs...I've never seem to understand), and Bryce's obsession with fail blog (yet he still wont read mine...).  

the boys - Bryce, Kevin, and Derrick

our thug pose. not my idea..

yay for programming..

After our meeting, which was quick for once, we went over to our guys apartment for breakfast.  Tanner's parents and sister were in town to watch him in his play and they made our apartment the most delicious breakfast!  Fresh PINAPPLE, strawberries, lots of other delicious fruit, hash browns, pancakes, eggs, and bacon, yummm!!

After the breakfast, Annie, Lauren and I went to our first wedding shower!  Jessica was the first to get engaged from our hall last year, and is getting married in May!  It was fun seeing some of our girls from last year and it brought back so many fun memories.  We decided more of our friends need to get engaged so we have an excuse to see everyone more often! 

After the shower, we came home, finished up laundry, took a quick nap, and headed off to the Festival of Colors at the Hare Krishna temple!  Its this big Hindu ceremony type thing they do every year, everyone goes and throws vibrantly colored corn maize at each other.  We were going to take a bus (that according to Facebook, told us it left every 10 minutes on Saturday) from the Wilk...very reliable source.  We got to the Wilk at about 2:15 and waited around way too long.. The bus never came, and we FINALLY decided at 3:30 to drive instead.  We got stuck in a little traffic on the way up to Spanish Fork, but it wasnt too bad. We lucked out and got parking super close ($5 is totally worth not walking 3 miles!)  The Festival was CRAZY!  It was so cool!  We got there and thought we had missed the big throwing of all the colors.  But, just walking through everyone we got pretty covered. And it turns out the real throwing hadnt even happened yet!  Thats when we really got covered...And couldnt breath or see for like 5 minutes.  It was actually pretty scary.  But so worth it!  Well, except the part when we got home and I couldnt get the pink out of my hair after 3 shampooings...And it still hasnt fully come out 3 days later. 

Later that night (after our weekly Little Caesars with the girls!) I went to see Alice in Wonderland with Ben!  It was kind of a weird movie, totally Tim Burton, but pretty good.  
Sunday I went over to Grandma and Grandpa Holbrook's for dinner.  I got to see Jalene and all her kids which was a lot of fun!  
Well thats my crazy life right now...thank goodness theres only 10 more days of class!

Monday, March 22, 2010

So I had to make one of the hardest decisions I've ever made today.  Its not going to sound like a big deal, but for me it was and still definitely is.  I had to make the choice to stay in Provo for the summer.  I have been planning on staying up in Provo for spring term for a while, but not summer term as well.  Over the past few weeks I've been applying for lots of different jobs in Utah and back home.  I got a call from this guy from Novell last Monday telling me he had seen my resume and wanted to talk to me about a possible internship!  I set up an interview for Wednesday and by Thursday he called me back telling me they had chosen me for the position!  I was super excited, but little did I know how difficult this would make things.  (the catch is they want me to stay summer and possibly into next fall, which would mean NO MARYLAND for the summer)  To make a long story short, after pros and cons lists, many emotional and long phone calls with my parents, oh and TONS of praying, I decided to take the job for the summer.  It literally has been one of the roughest things for me to decide.  To someone other than me, it would seem like a small decision, of course take the job!  But...this is my first summer not going home since I've been away at school.  This is the start of growing up even more for me.  I'm still my mommy's girl and I miss her, my sisters, and dad like CRAZY.  I dont know what I'm going to do without them this summer.  I know I'll still have a lot fun up in Provo, and this job will be a good thing for me and give me some great experience, but its been one of the hardest things to do.

Well, on a lighter note, updates on the past few weeks...
For FHE a few weeks ago, we played soccer over in the Helaman Quad.  It brought back so many memories from last year.  It made me miss our boys a ton.  I cant believe they've been gone for so long already... But playing soccer was way fun.

Before Brooke left, we had a big sleepover in our living room one night!  It was way fun and we definitely need to do it more often.
Last week was super crazy (I know this means nothing to Lauren and Annie because apparently I have "super crazy" weeks all the time, which technically is possibly kind of true).  Lauren got a job!! yay! Which meant she wasnt home nights, and Annie and I were up on campus till 9 or 10 every night.  It was weird when I would get home before either of them (which happens to be the case right now)!  Of course Nick and Katie were home already.  Friday, I went to dinner with Ben and I tried shrimp again for the first time in a long time, and I actually liked it! I was so proud of myself after loving seafood as a little kid and hating it ever since, I actually liked it again!  We went ice skating and watched a movie called "the Box".  My advice: never see it.  It was the most confusing/pointless/weird/creepy movie ever.  Thats all.  Saturday I had lots of homework and group projects, but we watched Fever Pitch later that night which was pretty cute.  On Sunday Brooke came to visit us again and came to church with us!!  At church, the girls next door sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" and I played the piano for them.  It was weird playing in church again.  Back home I'd play all the time, and I haven't played in forever, so it was really nice to play again.  

Well thats pretty much my life right now.  Plus, the beautiful weather we've been having makes everything better and I cannot wait for it to stay warm permanently!
                                              FHE soccer night!

ice skating!

sleepover with Brooke!!

party in the living room!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


so I've got a TON on my mind right now.  So of course instead of studying for my New Testament test, I'm blogging.  I figured if I write down all the things I'm totally swamped about it might help?

- New Testament Test (I've put it off since last Wednesday and it's the late day TODAY)
- My computer class group project, we have a big part due Friday
- My English group project, which of course I have volunteered for way too much of..
- English Research Paper (haven't started it yet.. due the 1st of April, 20-30 pages..shoot me)
- Interview with Novell tomorrow!  I'm trying to find work for Spring in Utah and Summer in Maryland and interviews always stress me out..
- I need to figure out where I'm living for spring term!
- I need to figure out all my classes for spring term.. which are all dependent on where I'm gonna be working spring (in addition to my TA job hopefully)

I've probably missed a few things.. but that's my insane life for the next couple of days.. hopefully things will slow down soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My 20.

So I'm kind of getting obsessed with this whole blogging thing.  Its probably not a good thing though...Here are a few fun facts about me!
1.I love, love, LOVE taking (and looking at) pictures!  I never leave the house without my camera… you never know when you’re going to need to capture the moment.
2. My family is the most important thing in my life.  I love them to death and hate that they are way too many miles away right now.  
3. I love making and setting goals.  I can’t say I’m the best at actually accomplishing them, but I get a rush when I actually do accomplish them.
4. I chew gum WAY too much.  I’m addicted to brushing my teeth and it’s the next best option when you don’t have your toothbrush!
5. I am a sophomore at BYU majoring in Computer Science (yes, most people are surprised to hear that…which I am usually very glad about).  I LOVE all my CS guys and don’t know what I would keep my roommates occupied with if I didn’t have daily stories to tell about something funny one of them did. :)
6. I call my mom probably 4 times a day.  She probably gets sick of hearing about my life but I don’t know what I would do without her.
7. I HATE scary movies and I am scared of the dark as much as I hate to admit it.
8. I LOVE running.  I wish I was better at it and had more time to be able to actually go running.
9. I am utterly obsessed with everything and anything about Nauvoo.  My family was in the Nauvoo Pageant this summer and it was one of the best (if not THE best) experiences in my life.  It literally changed my life and I will never forget it.  I want to take my family back there to be in the pageant someday.
10. My favorite color is pink.  I have pink everything.  Pink laptop, pink iPod, pink phone cover, way too many pink clothes… I am a little obsessed.
11. My favorite movies are Disney movies.  It doesn’t get much better than that.
12. I rarely remember my dreams, but I do sleep talk almost every night.
13. I have played the piano for most of my life.  I quit my senior year of high school and I miss it more and more every day.
14. I am eating NO SWEETS for one year (except birthdays and holidays) with my Dad and sister.  My Dad is the reason I love setting goals.  He is always listening to some motivating CD in his car or reading some inspirational book.  He makes me want to be a better person. 
15. I wish I read more.  Everyone in my family is a huge reader.  I used to love reading and still do, but I never make the time for it.  Someday I'll get back to it..
16. I could not live without my lists.  Mainly my To Do lists, but I make lists for everything.
17. I say "we'll see" and "oh my goodness" way too much.
18. I was home-schooled up until 4th grade and I wish I had taken advantage of the time I got to spend at home with my mom and sisters when I had it.  
19. I love staying up late, but I also hate sleeping in.  I feel like I get nothing done with my day when I do. 
20. My best friend lives 2,074 miles away.  This is way too far.  I miss her beyond belief and I cannot wait for her to be at BYU next year with me! (my other two best friends have a few more years..)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

So what do you know..I decided to make a blog despite my insanely crazy life during which I NEVER have a free minute.  Apparently I found a few.  I have almost started writing a few times, but I never feel like have anything exciting enough to write about. So here goes..

Life has been super crazy lately.  I feel like I am always working on some computer project, at work, or becoming more and more sleep deprived.  I guess thats college.. except apparently some people (all my roommates for example) never have any homework!  I dont know how they do it, because it makes me extremely jealous to come home (late in the night after being on campus all day) to them sitting on the couch, watching tv, making cookies, doing anything but homework.  I need to take some lessons from them I think.

This weekend I've been sick which has been no fun, but I've finally been able to catch up on some much needed SLEEP!  Its been amazing.  Also, Brooke came back to visit for the weekend!!!  and we got to get out of our apartment for once and went to a Masquerade Ball for Amanda's birthday!  It was fun getting dressed up and getting out of the house!
             the original roommates (minus Karalyn who we miss!)

On Saturday night, we went to Brooke and Taylor's family cabin up in Springville.  Annie, Lauren and I left later then the rest of the crew (because of the men's volleyball game and our inevitable weekend Little Ceasars run).  We thought we'd be ok making it up to the cabin with Taylor's sparse directions to get there.. Little did we know that our innate sense of directions would leave us stranded 30 minutes away from where we should have been (with no cell phone service).  Freaking out on a dark road where we were convinced that murders and rapists were going to attack our car at any minute we somehow made it safely back down the mountain.  We got back down to the bottom of the mountain, and walked down a creepy hill in the dark, but EVENTUALLY made it to their cabin where we ended up watching the movie Forever Strong.  What a great movie by the way!