Tuesday, December 21, 2010

yes, I'm getting out the beloved wisdom teeth tomorrow and freaking out just a little bit.  It'll all be over (hopefully) by about noon tomorrow.  And then on to my permanent resting place in the basement in front of the TV with books piled alongside and Emilee on the other couch (for moral support of course) watching movies and reading books to our hearts content.  That part doesnt sound too bad -- having an excuse to watch movies all day and not having to feel guilty about it at all.  We'll see how long I actually enjoy it.  Anyone who wants to come visit and join in the fun, come on by!  I'm pretty sure we wont be going anywhere for a while...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Karaboo!

So a quick blurb about my favorite 15 year old sister Kara (who turned 15 today!!)
-Kara is probably one of the kindest people you will ever meet, no matter how long you've known her, she is a friend to just about anyone.
-Kara is one of the happiest people I know.  It takes a lot to get her down.
-Kara is one of the most helpful people I know.  Even when I've been mean to her, it doesnt take long for her to completely forgive me and help me with just about anything.
-Kara has more energy then almost anyone I know.  She is ALWAYS up for a game of soccer or anything active.  She never stops.
-Kara is adored by every little kid I know (and most mom's in our ward).  No joke, I think any little kid that meets her adores her instantly.  Like I said before she never runs out of energy and is always up for playing with any kid that can keep up with her.
-Kara is always up for anything, whenever I want to do something crazy like go for a run or try to eat healthy or just go on an errand, Kara is the first to jump up and volunteer to do it with me.  I love that about her.
-Kara is has grown into a beautiful young lady.  I literally cannot believe she turned 15 today, that kind of blows my mind.  A LOT.  My little Kara is growing up! (well not so little, as she's passed me in height already...)

Happy Birthday Kara!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

We finally broke down and decided we needed to replace some light bulbs...

Dont worry, I replaced them all and I'm super proud of it.  Now we can see each other again and dont have to keep switching around the bulbs to different rooms.  Although, my room is so bright now it kinda hurts my eyes a little bit haha.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I hate coming up with clever little titles.  Anyways, this is gonna be a super random post, just things Ive been thinking about lately.

So I went to Em's ward talent show tonight and its probably bad, but all I kept thinking about was how every single person that was in her ward that performed reminded me of someone in my freshman ward. I. MISS. IT.  (not dwelling on that, just commenting)

I finally finished my "day of death" today after staying up till 3 last night and finally got my two big presentations done!!  Such a great feeling.

I'm forcing myself to stay up on campus and hopefully get some of my last project in CS 345 done, currently not really happening yet...

I realized I'm the most indecisive person ever. EVER.  And I kinda hate it sometimes.  I just cannot make up my mind about some things.  and some people.

I'm finishing my 5th semester of college in 3 days.  How is my life flying by so quickly?!  It needs to slow down.

I only have 10 days left living with one of my best friends in the world and it makes me way sad :(

I get to see four of my favorite people in the world in a mere 10 days and get to ride home on the plane with one of my other favorites.

K I guess I'll go work on my project now...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

15 days

Thats 2 weeks and 1 day till MD.  I CANNOT WAIT to see these cute girls.

oh yeah, and my parents too :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

good week.

I've decided Thursday nights are my blogging nights.  I never get around to it during the week.  Anyways, its been a really good week (for the most part).  Its the little things that make it though.  It hit me when I got to talk to a good friend on the phone today for just a few minutes.  It made my day.  Some of the other little, but wonderful things this week.

-finishing a beast of a computer project, 5 down 1 more to go!!
-finishing a 6 page paper 10 minutes before class started (I dont know why I do that to myself)
-staying up way too late talking to one of my best friends about life (when I should have been writing said paper)
-calling home and having my little sister say "guess what?!" about a million times.  She gets so excited about the little things and it makes me happy to hear her.  
-hearing the countdown my sisters have for me to come home.  Only 27 more days till I get back to the 20878.  I'm sooo excited!!
-catching up on life with a few good friends that I havent talked to in a while
-seeing girls from my freshman hall and remembering how much I miss freshman year and the amazing people I'll be friends with for life
-getting a letter from a good friend on his mission, loving the advice he gives and loving seeing how mature he's getting
-not being able to control my laughter multiple times at our Olympics ward activity
-coming home everyday to awesome roommates who always have exciting things to tell me or put up with listening to the exciting things in my life
-getting to see friends/roommates from last year that I dont get to see enough!
-checking the time on our kitchen clock that keeps getting slower and slower, and realizing that I need to slow my life down 
-going to the gym everyday (just kidding.. like that happened...maybe next week?)
-getting my eyebrows plucked by roommate who thinks its therapeutic and enjoys doing it for us :)
-venting to my mom way too often and her never getting annoyed with hearing about my life
-going to work everyday at a job I absolutely LOVE
-playing piano duets with my roommates
-watching hilarious videos at the library and trying not to bust out laughing, but failing. haha
-killing a bug (bravely, I might add) that was on Karalyn and Lauren's ceiling a few minutes ago
-listening to my new weird favorite song of the week on repeat about a million times (my roommates make fun of me thinking it sounds like an EFY song.. I dont think so.  At DanceSport the cabaret dancers danced to this song and it was incredible)  Anyways, I love this song.

and now for a few pics from life the past few weeks before this marathon of a post gets any longer...

my first pho "fuh" experience.  not that yummy...
 me and Jess with our torches
 making our own hot air balloons!
 my awesome roommates who both placed in Dance Sport!

 some of my favorite people :)
 Chipman 1200 Reunion!
 ward Olympic/80's/Elders Quorum Appreciation night

Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 days to thankful.

So I was doing my routine blog-perusing tonight and came upon a "30 days to thankful".  I'm a little late starting, but I figured that I might as well try to doing it.
Today, I am thankful for the people in my life.  Most specifically my parents, sisters, roommates, and friends.  But for serious, I am so lucky for all the people in my life who are willing to put up talking with me, listening to my problems, giving me advice, just being there to talk to.  They are all such incredible people and awesome examples to me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I dont know.

I dont know what I'm doing with my life.

I dont know what classes to take.

I dont know if I want to stay in my major.

I dont know what I'm passionate about.  

I dont know if I want to go on a mission.

I dont know if I just want to lay in bed and not make any decisions (well, actually thats the one thing I do know I want to do).

I dont know how I became an adult all of a sudden.  Maybe I'll just go back to being a kid again.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Have the BEST Dad in the World.

There is no question about it.  I know I might be just a little bit partial, but its true.  
My dad is the best dad in the world.
I've always known this, but I've noticed it more and more recently.  

My dad has always been an amazing example to me and all my sisters.  He sets goals AND accomplishes them better then anyone I know.  If I can ever accomplish half as much as him, I know my life will be incredible.  

In high school, when I would get up for Seminary and go down to eat breakfast, many a dark mornings my dad would already be down in the family room reading his scriptures and praying or already downstairs running on the treadmill (And he didnt even have to be up at 5:30 in morning!).  

He is the most patient person I know.  Literally.  I cant tell you how many times I have stayed up late, stressed out over homework assignments in high school and he patiently stayed up trying to get me to calm down and finish what I was doing.

He always puts the needs of my mom and sisters before his.  He puts up with all our weird ideas and plans and never complains, no matter what crazy thing we want to do this time.  (oh except maybe that one time he complained about the humidity in South Carolina and we'll never let him forget it :))  He is selfless.

He is always trying to improve himself and tries to do things he loves every day.  A few years ago, my dad realized he had always wanted to take singing lessons, and finally started taking lessons.  Not long after, he sang his first duet/solo on stage and did an incredible job.  He also makes time to play ultimate frisbee and tennis almost everyday. 

My dad goes to the temple EVERY SINGLE week.  At least I dont know of a week he has missed.  All the temple workers know him and have grown to love him (who doesnt?).  He will also share neat stories that happen to him there. 

He loves giving me advice (especially about boys) and makes it a point to emphasize everything about a million times.  But I love it.   

He sends us motivational emails and "good" and "great quotes" every day.  They always make my day.  

Every little kid that meets him will love him.  He should be a preschool or kindergarten teacher in his next life.  One time, my little cousin Jacob admitted to him, "I've always liked you."  Only to my dad...despite the fact that the whole vacation Em and I had been fighting for Jacob's attention - apparently he liked my dad better :(.  I cant wait till I have my own kids and can send them off to play with my dad. 

Well I could go on and on all night about how awesome my dad is.  If I can marry someone as perfect as him someday I will be so lucky.  But, I should probably go study for my human development midterm first...

Monday, September 6, 2010

our apartment!

My mom wanted to see some pictures of our newly decorated apartment, so here a few pics are!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I love my roommates.  They are seriously some of THE most amazing girls I know.  I cant even believe how lucky I am that I have been able to live with them for the past two years.  There's never a dull moment with them and I cant imagine BYU without them.  We can eat a Little Ceasars pizza better then anyone I know (and probably do it more often then I anyone I know too)!

A few other random side notes... I just finished the first week of my JUNIOR year at BYU.  Crazy?  Yes.  I cannot believe I am a junior already.  Time had better slow down because I love it here way too much.  We moved into our new apartment about a week ago and we are already loving our ward and our cute new place.  Oh and we had our first football game of the season yesterday and we totally beat Washington state.  SUCH a good game (and I really think I am starting to understand football.  Lauren can attest to that!).  Annie and I actually went at the beginning of the game with everyone else and it basically killed us standing there for so long!

the crazy football fans

we just like taking pictures

Monday, August 9, 2010

I hate change.

So of course after weeks and weeks of waiting for all my best friends and family to get to Provo, I dont know why, but I'm not ready for the change.  (Ok I kinda REALLY am)  But, for some reason, once I get into the swing of things, and finally after 4 months, I'm not ready for change again.  I've never liked change all that much, and in fact I really actually hate it.  I know its a strong word, but I really dont do well with change.  

When I was 8 years old and moved out of my childhood home, I remember never wanting to leave.  The day we were moving out, I wanted to try to step in EVERY single spot in our little Cheverly home before the moving van left.  I started in a corner in the Dining Room and only got about 3 feet across when my parents told me we were leaving.  I was heart broken. 

I'm also a HUGE reminiscer, is that even a word?  When my sister Em and I get together we're even worse (and I'm realizing with Lauren it happens too...oh freshman year and our freshman boys).  Sometimes Em will count how many days its been since a certain event or fun place we've been.  I remember last summer after the Jonas Brother's concert, every week or month after it she'd remind me "a month ago we were getting on the metro to go to the concert!" haha.  

Basically I'm down to my last 4 days of work.  I get to see my absolute favorite people in the world on Saturday and my best friends start trickling back to Provo after that, oh yeah and school starts way too soon.  So I really couldnt be happier!  But theres a still a little part of me that hates change.  

p.s. I got to go down (not up...) to Vegas with Lauren and meet up with some of our girls for Janae's wedding this past weekend.  It was an absolute blast!  Seeing Janae and her husband now (weird!) so happy and so in love made me so happy!  I couldnt get over how adorable they were together!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lauren and Alicia's 22 days of summer

So one of my best friends, Lauren, and I were driving up (oh wait, down..) to Vegas to visit our awesome roommate Karalyn to get away from Provo last weekend.  One our way, we decided we would make a bucket list for the remaining 20 or so days left of our summer.  We've both been pretty busy with work and other random things this summer, and this is the first real time we've had to spend a lot of time together and we decided we'd try to make the best of it! (even though a lot of our awesome friends arent down in Provo till the end of August :()  Anyways, we made a list and have been working away at it daily. Heres the list!  And of course some documentation of actually completing some of the things on our list!

-Go to Lagoon

-Dye T-shirts

-Make someone an awesome birthday present
-Put flowers on a random persons doorstep
-Take pictures around Provo and BYU to send to our good friends on missions
-Hike Brideveil/Stewart falls
-Make blankets
-Start working on decorations for our apartment in the fall...maybe if we start early we'll actually have decorations...
-Go to vegas (twice)

-pink/purple hair streaks
-jump in 4 different bodies of water in one day (here's where Emilee's ideas start)
-Stop Voldemort

-Eat only summer fruits one day
-Marathon (not the running type, the movie type)
-Do a puzzle
-Go the dollar theater w/blankets and chinese food
-watch a movie on top of a parking garage
-go to a baseball game
-super soaker war
-go to the zoo
-read a biography
-get a fish (not catch one, buy one)
-go to a play
-make a treasure hunt
-time capsule
-build a fort
-ask our landlords about painting our apartment
-get a massage
-make chocolate suckers

-buy nightgowns/tie dye them!
-go rollerskating
-go to the Temple (Timp, Draper, Oqquirh)
-learn obscure facts
-start our Europe fund
-rent bikes

We still have a ways to go in the next two weeks!  But we've made a good start!  If you have any other sweet ideas, let us know and we'll do them!

Monday, June 14, 2010

two lives.

My life is slowly turning into two lives, and I cant decide how I feel about it.

Maybe everyone goes through this, but honestly I feel like I have two different lives sometimes.  

I've been out at BYU for a little over two years now (thats utterly INSANE by the way!  I cannot believe I've been out there for that long already).  Anyways, I've learned to live on my own, pay for my living expenses, become mostly independent and make lots of big decisions without my parents hand holding my way through every little thing.  Staying out in Utah this summer has kinda been rough, but at the same time I've met some pretty fun people.  

my amazing roommates.

This weekend I come home to Maryland for a short trip and I get back into the swing of things -- sleeping in my own bed in my own room, my mom making me food, hanging out with my wonderful sisters and parents, living by my parents rules, and it starts feeling like I've never left home!  

my cute family.

Neither of these parts of my life are bad, in fact I really love both places when I'm there, but when I go back and forth between the two, sometimes I have a really hard time trying to decide where I want to be.  I love being out at BYU and being around awesome people who have become some of my very BEST friends.  And I feel like I have really grown up a lot over the past couple years, but when I come home, I start feeling like I am still a little child again who never wants leave home!  Let alone start my junior year of college and start making big decisions that could potentially affect my life forever!

Just something I've been thinking about recently...

p.s. All my guy friends from my ward back home are starting to come back from their missions and its weirding me out.  Thinking about how much has happened and how much I have changed over the past two years is so weird, but at the same time it feels like we were all just in high school yesterday.  WEIRD.

Nikki, Jason, Me and Em at church after Jason's homecoming talk.

p.p.s.  My Freshman boys have been out on their missions for a year now and I've been them thinking about them (and talking to Lauren about them) a lot lately and I keep having dreams that theyre back and all grown up!  I cant wait another year to see them!

some of my favorite boys. Spencer, Weston, Matt, Derek, and Alex. I miss them!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm not a teenager anymore..

So yesterday I turned the big 2-0. Crazy. I honestly cannot believe I've been alive for 20 whole years.  It really baffles me.  It was also my first birthday away from home which was definitely rough, but I made sure to stay busy and plan lots of things (and of course eat lots of sweets!).  I woke up late which was wonderful!  And then I went for a long run.  I'm training for a 10K with my Dad, Em, and Kara thats in ONE WEEK.  We'll see how it goes.  It should be quite interesting in the heat and humidity of beautiful MD.

Anyways, when I got back from my run, I was getting ready and the doorbell rings.  I answer it and theres a package on my doorstep.  An unusually long one..  I rip it open and its flowers from Ben!  It was super cute, really thoughtful, and totally made my day!

After that I had a super fun day with Karalyn and Lauren!

We got our toes done..

And went to dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant, Los Hermanos! We all just about exploded from eating so much.  And by eating so much, I mean drinking way too much strawberry lemonade and eating too many of the free chips and salsa before our real food even came...

We went to the movies and saw Letters to Juliet!  Such a cute movie!! Totally predictable but AMAZING.  I'm such a sucker for chick flicks, as long as the guy is attractive of course..

After the movie, I had a few friends over to play games and eat lots and lots of treats!  It turned out to be a really fun birthday.  Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The 830 and the 850.

This is the bus I ride every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to work.  (which will soon become everyday once I finally get done with Spring classes...).  Did I mention I love riding the bus?  Well thats probably because I really dont.  I have tried to make the best of it despite the crazy adventures I have already had using this public transportation.  

The first day I ever rode the bus to work, I got on thinking I could purchase a transfer on the bus.  Apparently you CANT.  Luckily, the nice bus rider knew it must've been my first day riding the bus, (he ended up asking me this question later...was it really that obvious?) so he told me I could get on and gave me a transfer for free.  I got on the bus and nervously waited to figure out where I would have to get off to catch my transfer bus.  I somehow figured out which stop I needed to get off on and waited for my next bus.  It finally came and I somehow made it to work on time!  Later that day, I made it home in one piece too!  I was on a roll.  I even bought a convenient student pass and now I ride the bus multiple times a week like a pro.  I can listen to my iPod, read, and talk to my mom on the phone without missing a stop.  

The other day I was going to catch the bus home from work after I had gone to the gym.  It was starting to look a little overcast.  I was hoping and praying that the rain would at least hold out till I got home!  Did it? Of course not.  I got off the first bus, waiting for my transfer on University Ave and I mustve looked a sad sight.  I hadnt brought my umbrella that day (luckily I did have a hood), but here I am waiting on University Ave, sopping wet.  Of course today of all days, the bus gets there the latest it ever has.  It honestly didnt really bug me though.  Some of those days, you just like getting wet (at least I do).  Thank goodness it was one of those days.  When I finally got off the bus, I stepped into a big puddle and just smiled.  

One of these days I'll get myself a car...